Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Four Weeks of Blog Material in One Tidy Post

It would seem as if a lifetime or two has passed since the sweet potato shaming of February 2013. Suffice to say, we all survived. The leftover batter was not so fortunate.

In a nutshell (another food thing which Alex doesn't like. Except peanuts, the weirdo.), this is what has really happened in the four weeks since my last post:


  • I grew bored of writing about limboed, suitcased, semi-couchsurfing, woe-is-me life and broke up with blogging. We're back together now.
  • A flurry of job interview activity lead into my accepting a copywriting job for a healthcare software company.

    Did you know Joseph Heller was once a copywriter? F. Scott,too. 

Corporate MySpace closet pics says "I'm sooo professionalz!"

  • Alex and I sowed a vegetable garden with the seeds of our love. 
We also used tomatillo plants named Tito & Paquito

  • Alex and I fought a (paintball) war together and against each other.
    I continue to pay for the latter with my flesh:  
I swear the target wasn't painted there before I was shot.
This is just gross. Maybe I have a disease instead?

  • I learned I can't shoot a gun.
    Clearly, I make an easy target. It's thus proven that I will be among the first wave of people eaten/killed in the zombie apocalypse. Who wants to survive that shit, anyway?
#FAIL. What the hell kind of form is that?! Photo by Tiffany Chinn.

  • San Jose apartment hunting kicked our asses.
    Though it's oft overlooked, San Jose is a hub of the Bay Area and is priced accordingly.

    Go ahead and Google it. Then see where Google lives. And Apple. Then pity us for being neighbors to that stinking wealth. 
    This land makes Boston look quaint and afforable.

    They (I don't know who 'they' are, San Joseans?) say it should be called 
    The San Jose Bay Area - not the San Francisco one; the city has one million residents alone! 

    And rent's a sonofabitch similar to it's more famous Franciscy brother, but without that built-in hipster charm of dressing like a panhandler and riding a bike while you walk your dog. Now you know and you're welcome. 

    This actually took more than a week in itself but the memories are already repressed.


  • We *finally* found an apartment!
    Sometimes a marriage feels like its shrinking into bitter little tatters over petty nonsense like living space. Then, a miracle! The apartment hunt reaches a compromise.  Alas, sunrise to the werewolf of my home hunting soul.

    The place is Boston-sized with California sun; cozy, bright and just for us. And I can take the light rail to work! You can ride it when you visit me. Because, yes, there are things to do there.
    Did you catch that part? Suck it car-lifornia! Public transport wins. I win!!! Meanwhile, Alex has to commute very far in a car (it's okay because he still loves me).  


  • We ran away to Carmel for our second anniversary.
    Or rather, to celebrate new quasi-stable life happenings before the new job and (yet another) move - which coincide with the real second anniversary.

    Hurray for being a little less in debt!
    Alex is as big as a mountain!

    And also because it's Spring Break, and we felt like we needed a full two days of elbow jostling from swaths of obnoxious teenagers. 

Look at all the people blocking my view! Like in real nature.

And week five - the beginning of the rest of my more conventional life? Do stay and read. I'm also wondering what will happen next.

Ah ha! Still unconventional in the end.