Saturday, February 9, 2013

"Is it possible to be happy with this life?"

Welp. The impossible JUST happened.

I felt, somewhere buried within me, the resurgence of the desire to travel again.

What?! Didn't I just hate on that, like, yesterday?

It's's this video. It's amazing. It has captured some kind of unkillable strain of optimism that lurks inside this withered and grouchy soul of mine.

It made me feel hopeful and yearning.

(It also made me feel jealous and wish I had made a travel video of our drive from Boston that was half as inspiring...)

Unnecessary media envy aside, watch this inspiring piece of art. It is called "A Story for Tomorrow" and it's lovely. As Brain Pickings (where I found this beauty) recommends,

"watch with headphones, watch until the end, and watch with your whole heart."

I don't know about you, but I want to enjoy my story.

Seems a choice for enjoyment would require me to quit my bemoaning about missing the blizzardly New England and the wonderful friends I made there and embracing this "one must always be driving" California.

It would also require me to let myself enjoy the leisurely life of post-grad/pre-employment, to relish the memories of travel and grad school, and overall, to approach this familiar California situation with the same bright-eyed curiosity I had in Boston and back in Madrid.

California is big, there is much to explore. And Alex and I have long way to go before we are what they called "settled."

It is possible to be happy with this life. After watching this video, seems anything is possible with just a wee adjustment of perspective.

Thanks for the boost, Gnarly Bay. Well done.