Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Welcome to December; welcome to hell...


Welcome to hell week! The full month of December is actually quite pleasant, with the holidays and year end and all.

But none of those sparkly-lighted, hot cocoa flavored events are allowed to happen until AT LEAST next week.
Doo-doo lists: things I must accomplish by Saturday. Yes, that's in 3 days. Shut up.

Here's why this week sucks (also why I have not updated this blog since my meltdown at the thought of not graduating this semester. BTW, I think I will.):

  • My birthday was yesterday.
    Having a birthday on a Tuesday is worse than having it on a Wednesday. Biased? Yes. Birthday karma is in the negatives.
  • My birthday was yesterday.
    My California drivers license expires on my birthday. California has dutifully not processed a new one yet. Hence, I will have to bat a lot of eyelashes to get into any bar or order any drink to celebrate come...well, next week. And to celebrate again at the actual end of finals. And with this birthday, I am way too old to play the "let me in the fucking bar I am older than you" game.
  • COMPS.
    That is what we graduate students call the comprehensive exam. The exam that determines if we have actually earned our degree. We shorten the occasion to 'comps' because our brains are so packed with information we can't possibly hold on to the final eight letters of 'comprehensive' or the entire word, 'exam.'
  • TheRestOfMyLife.
    Yes all in one, like that. Cause anything outside the COMPS is like an amorphous blur of thingsthattakeuptimeIneedtostudy. Get it? Cause it makes perfect sense to me. In this category is work, actual class, finals, final projects, research papers, grad events, sleep, showering, Facebook harassment, interpretational dance parties in the living room. 

Spanish bubbly!
Anyway, while my ID was still valid, I bought this beauty, mi cava preferida. It is my motivation to continue. I will be with you soon, my sweet.

In closing, here is a picture of the lovely flowers the husband gave me for the Tuesday of my birth:

 They are nice to look at when after hours of this:

I am studying to be a (fill in the blank). Then, (give me that job).

Wish me luck! Let's meet here again in a week or so and have a toast.