Tuesday, November 27, 2012

School is Hard

Despite the compelling facade of a lazypants who procrastinates the days into oblivion, I am actually a good student and responsible person.

Or so I thought. I thought I was mocking the responsible me until I realized apparently I am a slacker.

Today I learned there is a good chance I will be four credits shy of graduation in three weeks.

Today, this cursed cold Tuesday, marks the day I find out I may not get credit for a summer internship. TODAY! A mere 20 days from my last final.

This is fate and it is laughing at me.

It is because I didn't turn in one paper. One piece. One fraction of an assignment. A copy of a form. The original form was mailed in, which is apparently insufficient (I am currently working on my best pleading arguments against this, stay tuned). The lack of a turned in copy, however, will be worth 4 credits. In Boston University speak, that is a cool two thousand bucks. And a motherfucking degree.

Who am I? Why did I think graduate school would be fun? Graduate school is a place to go to question everything about yourself. Are you smart? Really? Can you can write? Really? 

There is obviously much more to life than earning a masters degree on time. But, damn. It's so much work.

Okay, whining over. Thank you for partaking in this entrance into a meltdown. Please take pity and send me cookies and wine.